Student Vehicle Registration

Student registration and decal are required for parking on the Elsah campus.

Student Vehicle Registration Form (Please add to shopping cart, then scroll down to complete online form on the next screen.)

I hereby acknowledge that I have read the Principia College Traffic and Parking Regulations. I understand that by purchasing this decal I am responsible for knowing and abiding by all state, local, and Principia College traffic laws and regulations.

Who must register:

All students must register a vehicle within one week of the first time the vehicle is brought to campus. Decals will be issued for one school academic year only. Decals will be valid from August 1st through July 31st. Yearly registration or re-registration is required for all student vehicles.

Decal - proof of registration:

1. Affix decal to outside, lower left corner of windshield. Decals must be permanently affixed. They may not be taped to the windshield or lie on the dash. (If state law prohibits lower left corner, affix decal behind rear view mirror.)

2. Decals must be removed when a vehicle is sold, or the owner no longer is a Principia student or employee.

3. Damaged and unreadable decals must be replaced immediately at owner's expense.

4. Parking in service drives or along campus roadways is limited to 30 minutes and must be accompanied by flashing hazard lights.

5. Providing false information when applying for a decal may subject the registrant to disciplinary action.


Operators of motor vehicles are required to obey Principa vehicle regulations as well as all state and local vehicle codes.

The individual who registers a vehicle is responsible for any non-moving violation involving their vehicle. Moving violations are the responsibility of the operator. In the event the operator cannot be identified, the individual who registered the vehicle will be held responsible.

Vehicle: $50 for each semester ($100 total when purchased at the begining of the school year)
Motorcycle: $25 for each semester ($50 total when purchased at the begining of the schol year)
Price will be updated upon selections made on the registration form

REMINDER: In order to receive a decal, you MUST provide an e-mail receipt of this purchase and a valid driver's license upon pick up at the Campus Security office.

NOTE: Decals need TWO WEEKS to ship to mailing address. If ordered and you don't have two weeks please select pick-up in person option at check out.

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